Wishing for Caterpillars, Apples, and more!

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Wishing for Caterpillars, Apples, and more!

Postby vey_chyryn » Sat Aug 05, 2017 7:22 am

Tranquile's Caterpillar Sanctuary is always willing to take in more Caterpillars in need of homes, and would gladly accept any donations of Hot Apple Cider or tasty twigs to keep them well fed! (Everyone should know by now these are my favourites!)

Collecting the following:
Anything Apple-related (cocktails, skill foods, etc)
Age-Specific Items (Ice Age, Stone Age, Bronze Age, etc)
Cave Guardians
Chicks (from 2017 Easter Hunt) & Cinnamon Queen Hen
Any Snowflakes
Any cupcake, cake, or candy
Any crystal or pebbles
Golden Gryphon
Rain Forest Items
Halloween Items
Haggis (pet or food)
Any Mochi (pet or food)

(PM's about trades are welcome.)

We appreciate your generosity. <3

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Re: Wishing for Caterpillars, Apples, and more!

Postby tx2001aggie » Mon Aug 27, 2018 1:38 pm

Is this still open, or would you like us to close and vault for you? Just trying to tidy what is no longer active. <3
~Stephanie (tx2001aggie) & Freddie Feelgood~

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