Rules to the Trading and How to Close Your Thread

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Rules to the Trading and How to Close Your Thread

Postby bush16rzsc » Sat Apr 23, 2016 10:01 pm

It has come to our attention that many threads in here are opened and forgotten. That leaves the mods to PM the owners of the thread to find out if they are still interested in their thread. Nine times out of ten, the person who started the thread has forgotten they had it open. Therefore, we are going to enlist a new rule. Any thread with NO activity on it for at least 2 weeks, will automatically be closed, and vaulted by the mod team. In the event this occurs and you really wanted your thread to stay open, we can always reopen it, or you can start a new one.

How To Keep Your Thread Open:
-In order to keep your thread "open" there must be SOME activity in the thread for a duration of 2 weeks. If you are trying to trade for something and no one has offered you a trade yet, but you'd like to keep trying, simply post something like, "bump" or "still looking" in the thread within a 2 week period, and we (the team) will know that you are still interested in keeping your thread open, and we will leave it alone. That also lets people browsing the Trading sub-forum know that you are, indeed, still interested in your trade! Until the forum becomes really busy, there is no need to bump your thread daily. :)
-If you will be away for a period of time, but would like your thread to be open, please change your title to "HOLD", and post a comment in your thread about when you expect to be back. This gives the moderators an idea of how long to keep the thread open. If there is no activity for 14 days, but you state you will be gone for 16 days and have changed your thread title to "hold", then we know that you intend to reopen when you return and will not close your thread. However, if you specify that you will be back in a certain amount of time, or on a certain date and 2 weeks later you have not reopened your thread (just reopen by changing your title again from "Hold" to whatever you want!), we will assume you no longer wish to have your thread open, and it will be closed and vaulted.

How To Change the Title of Your Post:
1. Go to your FIRST posting.
2. In the upper right of your post you will see 5 icons. The first icon looks like a pencil. That is your "edit" button and not only allows you to edit the post, but if you are in your FIRST post you can also edit the title.
3. Click the "edit" button. Then you can change the title of the "Subject" heading.
4. Click on "Submit" and your new subject heading will be saved!

How to Close a Thread:
When you are done with your thread, whether the trade is complete, or you have decided you no longer wish to have it open anymore, in order to help the moderators know that we can vault the thread, please change the subject heading to "Close". This will let us know that for whatever reason, (trade complete, ect) the thread is no longer active and we can lock and vault it. In order to do this, simply follow the four steps above outlined in how to change the title of your post.

And please, if you have ANY questions, feel free to PM any of the mods and we will be sure to assist you ASAP! We really thank you for your cooperation in this and I hope that I haven't confused any one with this!

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