Some suggestion thoughts...

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Some suggestion thoughts...

Postby vey_chyryn » Sat May 30, 2015 7:05 pm

Here's a few suggestions I think might make a couple things a little easier to find and use, currently and in the future. (If an of these already exist, please point them out to me as I have not yet found them!)

1. Direct link to gift history, rather than going to your pet, then to editing your wishlist and then going to given or received. EDIT: Making it a secondary click (From wish list drop down to gift history) is an improvement!

2. Storage, with direct/secondary link (like exampled above). I noticed if you go to the welcome page and then to site map there is a sign for storage. But it just takes you to your inventory page. I feel an actual storage, where users can drop off the items they don't want currently in their inventory. VERY handy for long-term users who begin getting a crowded inventory.

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