Feeding and wish lists

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Feeding and wish lists

Postby LadyHalse » Wed Oct 21, 2015 10:27 am

Just suggestions for future use ;)

I really would enjoy the event foodies having a set amount of "Extra" FnC. Like one cosmo cookie fed to any pet would give 25.... Just something for event foods. The way it was worded seemed like the foods become invalid after the event, it would be nice to have the bonus all the time. So for those of us who enjoy hording food, there is a use for it later on.

Also, I would really like to be able to see a user's wishlist on their page. Maybe a simplified version of what is currently available. Just a list of smallish pics of what is on their list. That way I can see at a glance what they are looking for, and then decide to go into their wishlist to actually send something.

I am also all for a storage unit. :)

I'm sure those changes would be easier said than done, but suggestions none the less. Really enjoying the game play, it has definitely gotten me into the game this month. Thank you!!

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Re: Feeding and wish lists

Postby vey_chyryn » Wed Oct 21, 2015 10:57 am

I know a storage unit has been brought up a couple times before and has been hinted at it may be coming. (Though no idea when if one really does come.)

From my understanding we can still use the Halloween foods after the event, so I'm saving some to use on future pets. But I am sad that unless they bring the same foods back later on, they will be gone after they have all been fed, so having them listed on the food ratings after seems pointless in the long run. (But hey, maybe they will mix up new and old foods in the future, which would be awesome!)

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