Swap NPC and Greeter Cards

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Swap NPC and Greeter Cards

Postby vey_chyryn » Wed Jul 22, 2015 8:01 am

I think it would be helpful, if possible, to be able to swap NPC and greeter cards you have for ones you need.

I understand there are various ways users can gain golden moles, and thus buy cards, or simply wait a couple days to get the number a user needs. But not everyone may be willing to spend there gold, or to wait a few days to complete a piece of art. Especially if you only need one or two additional cards. This would also help with where the number of each greeter card one receives each day depends on the number of users with said pet as their greeter.

I think it would be helpful if say, you use more arctic fox cards than midnight dragon cards, that you could swap the extra midnight dragon cards you don't need for arctic fox cards. (Or any other combination thereof.

There is also the option of making greeter cards giftable between players. Though this would mean creating a specific image and entering it as a currency for gifting, or as currency and decoration option (example as we can gift silver and golden moles and buy deco versions of them).

Just something I think would be helpful, and putting it out there for others to consider.
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Re: Card Swaps

Postby David J Weston » Fri Aug 21, 2015 11:17 pm

This would invalidate the purpose of having different card types in the first place. Being short of one or more types of card is a reason to seek out more owners who have a greeter of that type, or act with other owners to choose greeters to meet a common need. Needs of this kind drive social activity and increase the social element of the game. So whilst I understand the desire, the desire arises from a deliberate feature of the game which was meant to turn that desire into a form of social activity. If people are trying to find ways round that problem, then that proves the game design is working, because the game was deliberately designed so that users would need to engage in social activity to solve problems together.

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